Genuine Manganese Blue Deep - 40ml


For a substantial amount of time this pigment was unavailable and became almost mythical amongst oil painters as nothing can quite match the intensity of the colour or the transparency.

Uniquely, we are now proud to be able to offer three different shades of the pigment milled into fine oil paint, all subtlely different.

This version is slightly darker in tonal value and deeper in hue, than the 'light' version although not hugely different.

In masstone a deep, dark, turquoise hue.

Once Titanium white is added it releases a wide variety of teal, blue tints and frankly in the tints it is difficult to see much difference between the light and dark versions, the difference is really visible in masstone where this one is a deeper and more substantial hue.

The swatches of the respective shades are pretty accurate.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB33

Vehicle - Linseed oil

Opacity - Transparent

Tint Power - Medium

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Enion Salt.
Genuine Manganese blue deep.

How lucky we are to have such a wonderful range of not just top quality products but in my opinion the very best of the best in the world. Wallace Seymour now have another two new Manganese blues. This one very slightly leans to the green side of the colour wheel, very slightly. It is a gorgeous blue perfect for landscape artists & very difficult to obtain the genuine article. Yes indeed we are very lucky to have James & The Supreme Paint co.

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