Natural Black Oxide - 50ml


From the same place as Rublev's French earths, the quarries in the heart of the Luberon Massif. 

Deep, deep black, strong tinting strength, neutral, this is going to have a natural affinity with earths, and important not forget that this is mined from deep within a mountain, which is in itself pretty special.

Also no greasiness with this one, which I am sure you will appreciate if you have ever used a generic carbon black sliding all over the place. Stick with the earth pigments there is a reason we have being making paint this way for millennia.

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Natural Black Iron Oxide
Binder: Linseed Oil
Colour Index: Pigment Black 11 (77499)
Chemical Name: Natural Iron Oxide from magnetite ore
Chemical Formula: Fe3O4
ASTM Lightfastness: I
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: High
Drying rate: Average
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