Ercolano Red - 50ml


The pigment in his red earth paint is sourced from the quarries of Northern Italy where the veins of rich red and orange iron oxides run deep.

A perfect paint for portrait painters, mixed with white it instantly produces rather warm, luminous flesh tints. You could render some very realistic flesh with a tube of this, some raw umber and some white. 

It is semi-transparent and will work well as a glaze, again excellent in portraiture particularly in areas where blood is near the surface like ears and noses! 

Just natural iron oxide and cold pressed linseed oil. Painters have been using this combination for hundreds, if not thousands of years for a reason, it works very well. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR102

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tinting strength - High

Drying Rate - Above average

Customer Reviews

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Glenn Williams
A warm natural red earth

Ercolano Red is another wonderful natural red earth from Rublev. Pr102, a natural rather than synthetic iron oxide gives this paint a slight texture, you can feel the grains under the palette knife. I personally enjoy this aspect of natural pigments. This pigment was mined from near the Ercolano region of Italy, also known Herculaneum which sounds pretty cool if you ask me :-) Seriously though, I highly recommend this as well as the full range of natural earth pigments from Rublev. They have a feeling of authenticity and as Harold Speed said about earth colours in general "they have a nobility and dignity about them that the vegetable and mineral colours do not possess."

As for the supreme paint company, I have nothing but praise for them. They obviously love the products they sell and know what they are talking about. I have been purchasing my paint from them for a couple of years now and have never had a single problem. The orders are dealt with as quickly as possible;e, even during these difficult times. The products arrive packaged beautifully which just adds to the experience. I have total faith and trust in them. Very highly reccomended. If you have ever used Rosemart and Co to buy your brushes, then think of supreme paint company in the same way. They have the same level of customer service and knowledge of their product. wonderful

Enion Salt.
Ercolano red.

This is a very rich high chroma red Earth & handles beautifully. Being semi-transparent it works very well as a glaze adding vibrancy & depth to many hues. Mixed with many of Rublevs paints especially the Earths & chromes gives you a treasure trove of lots of different colours. In mass tone it sits very well with its complimentary green & the wonderful greys you can mix with Italian raw Umber green & lead white. Once you've tried these paints I honestly believe you'll want to try more, fantastic paint.

Alun ap Rhisiart
Great for portraits

My wife bought me a tube of Ercolano Red and a tube of Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre for a birthday present. As usual, they came promptly and beautifully boxed. I have just given them a try. Just those two paints mixed with white gives a great Caucasian skin tone, very simple. Looking forward to starting the next portrait with them.

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