The Delacroix Palette


Eugene Delacroix was almost the godfather of the Impressionists due to his experimentation with colour and his handling of paint and really pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved with oil colour.

"A picture is nothing but a bridge between the soul of the artist and that of the spectator" - Eugene Delacroix

This is an extensively researched collection of 21 tubes (40ml) of the finest quality oil paint, closely based on the palette he was using towards the end of life.

It also comes with 250ml of a specially designed medium 'Flochetage', which is slow drying and enables close blending, made from fused Venice turpentine, stand oil and dammar varnish.

Pip Seymour who along with Rebecca Wallace were responsible for researching and creating this set said "It is like a Phd in colour mixing!".

Some of these colours are really one offs, the pigments being very rare and out of common use. This is a rare opportunity to go back in time!

This is the full list of colours.

1. Blanc

2. Jaune de Naples

3. Jaune de zinc ou de strontiane

4. Ocre jaune

5. Ocre de ru

6. Vermillon genuine

7. Rouge de Venise

8. Cobalt

9. Vert émeraude

10. Laque brûlée

11. Terre de Sienne natural

12. Terre de Sienne brûlee

13. Terre de Cassel

14. Noir de pêche

15. Terre d'Ombre natural

16. Bleu de Prusse

17. Momie

18. Brun de Florence

19. Laque rouge de Rome

20. Laque jaune de gaud

21. Jaune indien

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