Davy's Grey - Hand Dug- 40ml


Davy's Grey is apparently named after Henry Davy which although factual tells us little about the paint.

Originally made from crushed slate, in masstone this paint is a light greenish grey earth. Like all paints named after somebody there are many different versions all varying quite a lot, for example Payne's Grey about which I would guess no two hues are the same.

This one is hand dug by the good folks at Wallace Seymour therefore totally unique.

It is dug, crushed,washed, sieved and ground into paint. The rock is selected for it's hue, it is an honest, gentle earth. It has a gritty texture and is quite lean in body.

Conversely although having very little tinting power, it really shows it's value in tints where it produces very soft beautiful greys, hence the name I suppose! 

Bless you Henry Davy wherever you are.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Unique Natural Earth

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Fast/Medium

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