Cremnitz White Walnut Oil - 250ml

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The thickest, most opaque and most luminescent white oil paint. It was used by Lucian Freud to achieve the flesh in his paintings, it is believed to be extremely similar to the white Rembrandt would have used, it is the painter's white, stringy, dense and crafted to give body to painting. This being the walnut oil version which is slightly cooler and leans less to yellow than the linseed oil version, and probably dries a bit quicker too but as with all lead based paint it dries fast!

It is sold in this quantity in 250ml cartridge, similar to to a silicone tube and you will require a silicone/caulk gun to dispense it, these are available at all DIY shops for about £3. This method of container actually works very well, and if you prefer it can be easily decanted into a different container with no waste.

We can also supply 1litre and 2.5 litre tins of Cremnitz White on request. 

You can read more about the amazing sculptural, impasto Cremnitz White by clicking the link.

 Technical Overview

 Pigment PW1

 Fast Drying. Slightly Transparent. Lightfastness Excellent.

Very Low Oil Content




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