Cobalt Green Light - 35ml


Slightly magnetic, apparently all cobalt pigments are..

Cobalt green is sometimes known as Rinman's green or Zinc Green, it is an opaque green, made by heating a mixture of cobalt (II) oxide and titanium oxide. Sven Rinman, a Swedish chemist, discovered this compound in 1780. 

It is a mid green, and it qualities are quite ethereal, it has a kind of flatness, pastel look to it, it is hard to say where it's temperature is, as to me it changes quite significantly depending on the light. 

I feel at a loss to describe this paint, as mentioned it has some very unique qualities, which are beyond the scope of words. It really is one to experiment with, coming with the pedigree of a cobalt pigment certainly means your time will not be wasted.

Technical Overview

Pigment PG50

Opaque, quick drying, poppyseed oil, good lightfastness



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