Cadmium Golden Yellow - 40ml


Very warm, orange leaning, Cadmium yellow.

Warmer than most Cadmium yellows hence the name 'Golden', it also provides golden yellow tints when mixed with white. The range of tints is very wide due to it's powerful, opaque, high tinting nature.

There is a huge variety of Cadmium pigments from greens to purples and many shades of the more familiar reds and yellows, sometimes quite frankly it is overwhelming.

As simply as possible this sits between yellow and orange and has the powerful, opaque nature of all Cadmium paints.

Michael Harding;

"This is a unique shade of Cadmium Sulphide which bridges the yellow/orange frontier. It seems destined to be mixed with the earths, ochres and mid-reds and infuses these with a glow."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY35

Opacity - Opaque

Fast Drying. Excellent Lightfastness. Low Oil Content.

Customer Reviews

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Peter B
The finest paints from the finest supplier!

I have painted in oils for 43 years and have until recently exclusively used artists grade paints from a well known high volume manufacturer. Having recently 'converted' to Michael Harding and Rublev paints the difference in quality is truly astounding. Why didn't I do this sooner?

They are supreme paints indeed, and the service one receives from the supreme paint company matches those high standards perfectly. I shall be back for (many) more items.

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