Brown Ochre - 35ml


The natural iron oxide bound in linseed oil, initially make this a typical ochre paint, however like all Blockx oils it is immensely smooth and buttery and this is where it stands apart from its rivals, the consistency and handling really are superb.

It is a balance making paint, like most crafts you can enhance one quality but at the expense of another, with high quality earth based paints this balance lies between processing the paint further for smoothness, texture and feel at the expense of the depth and range of refractive colour. Our Rublev paints stand at one end and Blockx at the other with Michael Harding in the middle. They all produce essentially the same tube of paint but each is completely unique, this is why we stock these three manufacturers, all superb quality but very different.

I digress, this is a rich deep brown, with a strong red undercurrent which becomes more and more apparent as you tint with white and the rich pinks come out.


Technical Overview


Pigment PBr7


Fast Drying. Semi-Transparent. Excellent Lightfastness. Average Oil Content.

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