Brilliant Green - 40ml

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A very modern colour, very zingy! Almost fluorescent this is really taking advantage of the newest modern pigments. Langridge describe it as a cool, lemon chartreuse with incandescent qualities and that sums it up nicely. 

It is a joy to take some of these high chroma colours unadulterated straight from the tube and to play with them on a canvas, they really are the most vibrant paints I have ever used and once you start placing complementaries near each other the vibrancy goes through the roof they practically glow!

The tints from this paint are also particularly beautiful, creating crisp muted yellows.

Technical Overview 

Pigment - Arylide 10G / Phthalocyanine, PY3 / PG7

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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Enion Salt.

These Langridge Pigments being newer & more modern are vibrant & clean are wonderful to work with. Using these & the older Pigments that Natural Pigments (Rublev) make gives you the best of both worlds, the new & the old. This particular colour is fantastic to use as a glaze & certainly adds more chroma & as James says above a lot of zing! It's a colour you can use to glaze over a yellow or a green so versatile as well. Basically I highly recommend this colour as well as all the other LG paints I've tried, beautiful paint & consistency.

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