Baryte Yellow - 35ml

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A very light yellow, it will make perfect warm highlights. It will also mix very well with painting bathed in a warm light, almost replacing white in these circumstances, this is where it's strengths lie.

Derived from Barite (baryte) which is the natural barium sulfate mineral, other names in literature include 'heavy spar' and 'cawk.' The name comes from the Greek word barys, which means heavy as its density is 4.48 g/cm3, which is high for a mineral. Barite has an extremely low value of oil absorption and is chemically inert. Barites were one of the most important extender pigments in the 19th century and they were added to reduce the tinting strength of pigments, such as Prussian blue, and to improve the working qualities of a colour.

As the above suggests this paint handles like a dream.


Technical Overview


Pigment PY31


Transparent, tinting power low, drying time moderate to slow, poppyseed oil 

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