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Spirulina Blue - 20ml
Arne Wellmann
Spiruliba Blue

Only place in the world where you can buy this color I believe - outstanding Service, outstanding product

The best

Not so easy to obtain mediums with exceptional service.

Orange Ochre - 50ml
James Lumsden
Rublev Orange Ochre

Great to have such a subtle, near-transparent, orange that can be used straight from the tube in portraiture.

Spinel Yellow - 40ml
Kofi Ankobra
I have been searching for this yellow a long time

The quality of this paint is super and the Spinel Yellow colour will be an essential addition to my palette

Brilliant service

Lovely sun thickened linseed oil . Ordered Weds morning arrived Thurs morning amazing service thank you

Great service!

Excellent service. Really nicely and carefully packaged. Looking forward to trying out the Italian Varnish (plus other Rublev paints)

Honister slate native earth

Gives good coverage and is a beautiful colour. Personally I think a little less oil could be added when making the paint as I find it could be thicker. This would result in a more opaque finish requiring fewer layers.

A Set of Chromatic Greys
Katrina Avotina
Chromatic Greys

Bought as a gift to my sister, packaging is brilliant and colours looks good, something new. Sister can't wait to receive them. She lives in Latvia and unfortunately in Latvia you can't get this kind of oil paints.

Impasto Putty - 237ml
Jennifer Lovatt
Great products, great service

Really impressed with my new find. I have recommended you on my Instagram stories! @JenniferLovattStudio

The Monet Palette
Jane Deakin
Very Beautiful

The new oil paints came swiftly and very well packed.
The colours are very beautiful and nicely boxed. Was very pleased to receive also a complementary large white. Thank you.


Works really well with my limited palette,
Great mixer with phalo blue
High tint

Great paint

I need more, it’s marvellous. The viscosity is lovely and the chance to paint with woad is thrilling.

I love it

I’ve never used the toxic version thus my review is based without comparison.
It’s a beautiful textured paint that holds brushstrokes though with a bit of time and agitation you can make it less viscous. It’s a soft white rather than a brilliant one.
It doesn’t have the chalky quality of titanium white when mixed with colours. it worked beautifully with my Michael Harding paints and impasto medium. It has a stringy quality that I have never encountered with MH or winsor and Newton. It’s great for highlights as you can “place” the paint on the surface as opposed to dragging or brushing. I found detail work is easier with this consistency as long as a raised detail is desired. It’s also reasonably priced for a premium brand.

A Set of Chromatic Greys
Clare Hitchcock

Received very quickly and with a personal dispatch email. Beautiful colours, they are pigmented but have a certain quality I cannot seem to recreate myself in mixes. They spread really well and have good coverage this pretty eco I am as well as being enjoyable to use. . I use them to knock back opposing colours to neutralise. Even though they seem quite coloured they do work well as shadow and highlight tones! They are an unusual colour.. neutral, bright yet a definite “colour”
So basically they are magic and you will love them

Paynes Grey - 40ml
Paynes Grey

This paint was brought to my attention by an artist in New Zealand- Andrew Tischler and I find it most useful and rather beautiful - more subtle than other brands.

French Raw Sienna - 50ml
Terry wetherilt
Real paints

I use both M Harding / and Rublev paints it makes perfect sense to just use quality.Not sure what else but excellent cannot recommend enough and the supplier is supreme 👌

Perfect for photographic lens repair

I really battled to find this stuff… It is perfectly clear, perfect viscosity, and no bubbles… Great for repairing the front elements of an old Pentax-M 100mm macro lens which had suffered hazing and balsam separation of the front pair of elements. End result is ‘as good as new’!

Cerulean Blue - 40ml
Jane Spencer
Beautiful hue

an expensive one but such lovely paint to work with and beautiful colour. very prompt and efficient service

Titanium Grey - 40ml
Angela Robertson

Great service and quick delivery

Amazing Flake White

This is an amazing alternative to flake white! Everything I've ordered from this brand so far have been absolutely excellent! Highly recommend them, I like how they label many of their products that are non-toxic- which is extremely useful for the non-toxic artists out there

Truly amazing unique paint

As always the supreme paint company has delivered exactly what was promised. The descibtive text to this paint also fits the bill. 100% best service by James and the makers of that paint.

Fabulous range of colours

So soft and delicate. They blend into any picture creating their own harmony. Wonderful.

Beautifully clear oil

We've not used our new oil yet, but love its beautiful clarity - it is so much clearer than our current linseed oil, so we are very hopeful that it will be perfect in use. Fast delivery and very well packaged, as ever from Supreme Paints, thank you!

Delightful Colour

This is a lovely understated yellow that makes some lovely flesh tones - especially with vermillion. Usually super quality from Michael Harding. Pricey but worth it.

Pure Canada Balsam - 100ml
Matthew Robert Houston
Good quality and fast

Thanks for your quick delivery of a good quality product.

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