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Alizarin Claret

Fabulous colour, great consistency, love it, definitely one of my favourites

Blue Black - 50ml
Kaveh Afzali
Rublev Blue Black

This ones a great mixer.It contains Prussian blue and makes lovely greens.Once again Thanks to Supreme Paint for makeing these wonderfull paints available to painters in the UK.

Favorite Green Earth from Rublev

This is a fantastic cool green earth and a very quick dryer too. It also is a weak enough tinter to add in small quantities of other colors to speed up drying without altering the hue too much. It is uniquely cool and has none of the acidity you generally see with green earths. A great complement to a warmer green earth on a palette.

If you use only one Vermilion for fleshtones, it should probably be this one

I am a Vermilion addict. I have tried Vermilions from Holbein, Michael Harding, East Coast Oil Colors, and Robert Doak, and none is as interesting as this natural cinnabar. Vermilion typically has a high tinting strength, high opacity, low oil absorption, and slow dry time. All of these features are advantageous in different circumstances. This natural cinnabar has a number of *different* advantages to traditional Mercuric Sulfide:
1) it is a has a weaker tinting strength, making it perfect for subtle fleshtones
2) it is more translucent than opaque, meaning it can scumble over a brown shadow and make a *pink shadow* – think about that
3) it is a faster dryer than other vermilions, usually 1-2 days – I do not know chemically why this would be
4) it is a slightly duller but absolutely unique red – closer in color to a strawberry than to a race car

A few years ago I heard a rumor from a conservationist who heard at Cornellisen that there were only a dozen or so tubes of this paint left. I took a deep breath and immediately bought three more which should hold me over for a few years. Thankfully this shortage did not come to pass, but I am using this anecdote to illustrate the unmatched usefulness of this color on a flesh palette. It was the missing color in the attached image – I glazed and scumbled it over warm green-grey shadows and it added a kind of glow to the darkness. The effects you can achieve with this specific tube of paint are probably impossible to replicate otherwise.

Unusual, unique, and fun to work with

I bought both Indigo and Woad (albeit from a different stockist) and love their weirdness. Both are very lightweight and really want to get out of the tube, more so Woad than Indigo. I have more than once splatted out more than I needed. The consistency is more food-like, closer to tomato paste in a tube than buttery oil paint – somewhat similar to madder though less silky. I have used both Indigo and Woad to great effect for jeans (obviously) in a figure painting. They smell unusual too. Dry time is slow. Like all plant pigments, neither one is fully lightfast in oil. I have done basic lightfast tests and they fade a bit in bright sunlight after a few months. The density decreases a bit, and the color yellows slightly, much more so with Woad. But that's part of the fun I guess. I would recommend trying every single tube of Wallace Seymour's paint.

I cannot give this 5 stars because it is not an everyday life-changing oil paint, like Vermilion or Lead-Tin Yellow, but more of a curiosity. It's not going to live on your palette, and neither will Lapis. It won't permanently alter your color palette. But that's not the point. Nobody else makes this paint. If you paint with it you will paint something that is impossible to replicate using more common materials. If you want to try everything then you should try this.

Supreme Service

Have not tried item yet. However service from Supreme Paint was in fact "Supreme". Ordered on Friday, received on Monday, perfectly packaged.


Oleogel is a very useful medium.Use sparingly and mix with black oil for greater fluidity and faster drying times.Once again;Many Thanks to Supreme Paint and all your staff.Your service is second to none.Thank You

Gorgeous paint

Work so well together .

Excellent ground

On a quest for the prefect painting surface, I've started preparing my own panels. Having experimented with various grounds, this would be my first choice. The problems I've had in the past with the sinking in of oil paint have been more or less eliminated. Easy to apply.

Purple Ochre - 50ml
Catrin Treadwell
Cool tints

I bought this as Natural Pigments mentions that it is helpful when creating cool tints in flesh tones. I've found this to be the case. An useful addition to my palette.

Beautiful paint

The colour of this paint in use is like a softer buff titanium. I use it to create beautiful hues, it’s become an easy go to paint when bringing other stronger colours together in my abstract work.

Unbleached Titanium

I have found Unbleached Titanium to be a great addition when it comes to my primary work as portrait painter. I find it ideal for under painting and also useful for the mixing of certain skin tones. Working out of Spain I was unable to find Unbleached Titanium anywhere in Spain, however very pleased to have purchased it from The Supreme Paint Company. I must say a sincere thank you to James for making available a wonderful range of top quality oil paints, and for a very efficient service.

I found this to be a very useful color

I generally mix everything from a smaller set of key colors, but I have found this so useful that it makes sense to buy it in tubes. First, it's a very good gray as it is. That means I can often adjust it slightly rather than use it in a mix with other colors to get what I want. However, when mixing, it is often one of two or three basic colors such as raw umber that I include in mixing paint for soil and sky. Being titanium, it is opaque, so I go elsewhere if I want a transparent gray.

Great product

Keeps the paint lean and allows for full bodied underpainting. Just be aware that you have to work quickly with it or it will dry up on you (can always add less to your paint mixes of course). Once you get the hang of using it, your underpainting will be touch dry the next day. Also came beautifully packaged. Thanks for selling this product as I’m not sure if anyone else is selling it in the UK!

Lovely to use

These Indigo pieces are really lovely to draw with. Try over dry paint.

A present for my Dad

He wont use any other paint. Always amazing customer service too . Thank you !

Nicely made paint.

A paint best suited for specific needs, not a virsitile every day go to green. Subtle, a weak, mute tint, nice for green grey shadow underpainting. Useful for portraits.

A Beautiful Natural Product

I recently purchased these natural indigo chunks to experiment with and I have to say they are beautiful. A lovely colour and can be used with water for a different effect. Highly recommend

Lovely colour

Very useful colour for the pallete

Sartorius Red - 50ml
vedar crawford
Versatile Red

I found this red to be excellent for flesh tone, in transitioning areas near highlights.

Raw Umber - 40ml
Angus Stewart
Does what it says on the tube

Dense consistency, fast drying etc but colour was the thing for me. Lots of varieties of this colour but this is about right for me. As always beautifully packaged and speedy delivery.

Flake White Alternative - Non Toxic -40ml/150ml

Chromatic greys

Im very pleased with the paints supplied, they’re exactly wha5 I wanted and delivered very promptly

Perfect balsam

This was bought for my Father who uses the Balsam for recoating precision camera lenses, and who considers it to be amongst the very best of such substances for doing so. The Balsam has no air bubbles, dries to perfect transparency and adds no additional colouring once dried.

Epoxide Oil Gel
Stan Godfrey
Epoxide Oil Gel

I found Epoxide Oil Gel a little difficult to get used to, primarily because it's pretty thick in make up. Mixed with a little Walnut or Linseed Oil helps, but just mixed into the paint I found it obstructs the vehicle/paint flow, therefore I wouldn't use it in the early or mid stages of a painting. I paint in layers and I found it ideal for the final pass when painting in small areas, and painting in detail.

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