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Co Co Bello Natural Solvent

One of the best natural solvents I have ever used! No smell and produces a beautiful flow with oil paint. Wallace Seymour have absolutely excellent products! Also amazing fast service from Supreme Paint, as always!!! :D :D

Genuine Lapis Lazuli 'Tiziano

This was a big investment that did not disappoint. A unique, highly pigmented blue. Slightly gritty in use as you would expect from a natural mineral pigment.
Tints and mixes beautifully.
Arrived promptly and very well packaged as usual.


Love this collection

Lemon Ochre - 50ml
Adrian Bastin
Rublev, Lemon Ochre

Using this pigment you can begin to understand how Rembrandt wrought gold from yellow ochre.

Quality paint

Transparent red iron oxide has a high tinting strength despite what you would think being that it is transparent. It has very small particles and is a strong and useful pigment. I’ve only needed very small amounts of it so far, and has been useful in glazes which along with the transparent yellow iron oxide from Rublev have been useful additions to my palette. Thanks

Wallace Seymour. Vermilion, Genuine. Castell'azzara. Bright orange vermilion shade. Production 19...

At last - a vermilion capable of being the only red you need in your palette. And you really do need this vermilion in your palette. Why - because it keeps it's warmth and exquisite delicacy in tints. It's why, from before the time of the Roman empire until the early 20th century, a vermilion of this quality was in every artists palette. The cadmiums which replaced it do not come close to this wonderful pigment.

Adrian Bastin.


super fast delivery

I placed my order around lunch time and they were delivered the following day! I’m very much impressed.
I haven’t used these charcoal yet. They are well packed and I’m looking forward to using them.

Mixing White - 50ml
Charlotte Holmén
Mixing white

No lead, but works very well for blending with colour!

Excellent quality and purchasing experience

Great product and service. I love the qualities of the paint. Unfortunately, I have other paint from other companies. Now I'm Supreme Paint all the way!!

Beautiful paint with a rich warm black for a non black look !

Bone Black - 50ml
Roger Kidd
Bone black

I highly rate this paint beautiful transparent, the service is second to none!
Thank you supreme paints!!!!

New to Oleogel

I was looking for non-solvent based mediums and mostly came across American reviews. I was delighted to come across the small, independent Supreme Paint Co. James, being a painter himself, was able to give me personal advice which was so helpful. A beautiful package arrived and, although I’ve only just started using the recommended products - so far so good. Oleogel is easy to use on the palette and gives a nice fluid consistency the more it’s worked in, with no wastage or difficult disposal. I look forward to trying it on larger areas.

Backbarrow Blue - 40ml
Fiona Richmond
Back arrow blue

Backbarrow blue is an incredible ultramarine. Very powerful and vibrant.

Good Medium and great service!

In my search for a solvent-free painting medium, I came across Oleogel. It takes a little patience and trial and error to find the right mixing ratio, but after that it's pretty good! The delivery from Supreme Paint Company came quickly and in perfect condition.

Wow 🤩

Lovely paint, great service

Allows flow

Arrived very well packed and at the time stated. This medium allows the oil paint to flow more easily than some others which was just what I wanted. Very pleased with the company and the product, thank you.

Lovely paint!

Really lovely paint and all the more special knowing it’s origins and rarity! Great handling and nice transparency.

Mixing White - 50ml
John Keates
Paint tubes order

Arrived well packed and in good time as usual. Thank!

Great service and range of oils

Great substitute for the now defunct flake white.
Really impressed with the range of oils and mediums which can be hard to source in the UK.
Service is also excellent.

Love it

The perfect paint

I am happy to have found this paint, the oil content is exactly right, it dries quite fast and looks really good. I tried mixing with a walnut oil based lead white and was surprised how many different tones possible, the results are similar to the colours seen in Japanese Indigo textiles.

Lithopone - 50ml
stephen rose
Rublev Lithophone

Handles much like Zinc White, but a little warmer and more opaque. A good alternative to Zinc White with similar mixing

The Split Primary Palette
Julianne Barclay
Brilliant company and products

What a brilliant company ! Fabulous service, giving helpful advice and extremely quick delivery. I live in the highlands of Scotland and nothing arrives quickly. The excuse for poor delivery is normally because we are remote but The Supreme Paint Company seem to be able to deliver in record speed. Pure quality in every aspect, will be a loyal customer!

Excellent Product

Puchased for making microscope slides of small invertebrates, seems to be working just fine using clove oil as a solvent, excellent clean slides so far (well as far as my skills allow!). I struggled to find this at a reasonable price so was happy to get a supply from The Supreme Paint Company at a great price.

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