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Great Product

This is a nice quality oil, I'm just starting learning to use it

Love this stuff!

I used to use liquin for glazing, but a few people recommended oleogel and I decided to give it a whirl. I'm very happy I did as I am finding so many uses for it. Definitely a staple in my kit.

Great materials

Was thrilled to find these materials (ordered the Sanguine, Rosso and indigo), available online in the UK only previously being able to find them to order from Florence. They are lovely to use and you get quite a lot, its difficult to visualise from the weight but it's a good amount in decent sized chunks. I've done a few drawing so far and enjoy using a wet paintbrush to work into the drawing to further the variety of marks a textures.

Grezzo Raw Drawing Stones - Sienna from San Ambrogio, Italy

nice blue . Vincent used it very well in his paintings .

Fantastic company.

Whenever I can, I will always use the Supreme Paint company. Competitive prices and James is (as always) is very helpful and accomodating. Items are always well packaged and shipped promptly.

Crystal white

The paint's terrific, you can't really get Rublev anywhere else in the UK, but even if you could I'd still get it from this store! Very quick delivery, unusual in times of pandemic, and my paints were very well packaged, fantastic! Would highly recommend. This white is also a particular favourite, it has the legendary endurance of leaded pigments which the old masters used, alongside the less yellowing walnut oil as binder and the grounded glass for more transparency making for a glazing epic!


Best quality service and paint anywhere in the world!

Great product delivered next day

One of my favourite mediums. Really glad to have found supreme paints. It’s the only place in the uk I can source a lot of my favourite products.

Beautiful piece of nature to create art

I ordered these natural drawing pieces for my brother and was so pleased with the easy purchase and delivery and with the beautiful presentation of the product. I think it was such a good gift and I was very happy to find something so practical but unique, and natural.

thank you for your impasto putty have not use it yet but l am sure it is great stuff.


I saw a post on Instagram which mentioned Indigo pieces and the piece of work was so inspiring - I just had to have some! There are several chunky pieces in the jar and they are so tactile. They make beautiful marks and I have ideas for making my own ink using by grinding one piece up and mixing with gum arabic perhaps. The pieces are somehow much more exciting to use than pre- shaped pieces - like pastels for instance as they have different edges and feel good in the hand. Very pleased.


Beautiful colour

Arrived quickly and carefully packed - looking forward to trying out these delicious crumbly blocks of pure colour 🥰

Rublev Oleogel

I've been a watercolour artist for over 25 years, and now want to try my hand at oils. I nearly gave up with it because the plethora of mediums, canvasses, boards, pigments, rules like fat over lean etc etc I found all a bit confusing. YouTube is only ok up to a point!

James at Supreme Paint helped to set me straight, and recommended Oleogel as a medium I should try, along with James Seymour Oil Paint Diluent (odour free) and Glazing Medium. I've used them all and they are just the job. I've nearly completed my first oil painting and pleased with it so far.

If it wasn't for James' helpful advice and encouragement I probably would have skulked off back to my comfort zone of watercolour.

Supreme Paint Co is an object lesson on what retailers should be like: Simply, the long lost art of treating customers with courtesy, respect and patience.

Many thanks James.

Lovely paint

Will definitely buy again, so happy to have found supreme paint company

Michael Harding

This a bright, lovely, transparent yellow. Love it! Very fast shipping in secure box.


Arrived this week. Im going to be writing a more comprehensive review but I really just wanted to say that these paints are beautiful. beautiful and more importantly very usable. As a person who particularly loves earth pigments, this is a perfect collection. very very highly recommend

Excellent product, would recommend!

Vacuum-Bodied Linseed Oil arrived really quickly and is working well!
I will be ordering more! Thank you!

Perfect gift to treat yourself

High quality paints in very special packaging. Perfect service and speedy delivery. For me this is THE shop to order paints and mediums.

Earth oil paints

Arrived promptly and cannot wait to use these paints. Excellent company

Excellent product & service

Couldn’t speak more highly of the customer service provided by this company. This Pigment is beautifully rich and dark. Perfect for landscapes, portraits, still life. Nice warm colour but neutral enough to be versatile.

Just lovely and very useful greys

My paintings just needed these greys. The Orange-grey is my favourit just now.
Thank you Supreme Paints for selling these and also sending them to Finland!

Wallace et Seymour ultramarine blue

Beautiful color. Quick delivery. My favorite website for shopping oil paint products

Underpainting Transparent Base

A wonderful product which I'm using with natural pigments. It helps with the drying and to create a perfect base on which to develop a painting.

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