The Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art Palette


The Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art is at the forefront of the revival of traditional atelier methods. It is the first and only classical realist art atelier offering a recognized higher educational qualification in Europe.

If you are serious about learning the craft of painting with the foundations of proper drawing technique, then this is the place to study.

This is their recommended palette and comes with a substantial discount over buying the items individually, perfect for those beginning a painting course at EAFA.

As with all paints at Supreme, these are of the highest possible quality, purely pigment and oil, hand ground with pigments selected for historical integrity and purity.

The palette is as follows (click on the colour name for further info);

Titanium White is the modern white. Opaque, cool and powerful, for a strong highlight this is unbeatable. It's consistency and brightness make it an ideal mixing white. This is a larger size 60ml tube.

Yellow Ochre  is a foundation hue of many of the finest portraits made throughout painting history. The best yellow ochre in my opinion is this one sourced from the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia, it is a slightly lighter hue than normal ochres.

Cadmium Yellow, warm, rich, yellow leans towards orange, perfect for warming and lightening mixes without using a cooling white. 

Cadmium Orange, wonderful for bringing light into flesh tones, this version displays pinkish tints perfect for flesh.

Cadmium Red, potency and opaqueness means this has become the cornerstone red on most modern palettes, however care is needed a little goes along way!

Pozzuoli Red an Italian earth, tints down perfectly to a base flesh tone.

Burnt Umber calcined or heated iron oxide, the process of applying heat brings out the rich mahogany warmth this hue is so well for. 

A little known fact but the finest grades of Umbers come from Cyprus and this is why the Raw Umber on the palette is from the Troodos mountains in Cyprus, essential in portrait painting for reducing chroma and value as flesh turns from the light.

Bone Black also known as Ivory Black it is no longer made from Ivory but charred animal bones, fined grained with a good tinting strength. This particular version contains the highest carbon content available.

Ultramarine Blue, the painters blue, after it's discovery in the 1820's it rapidly replaced the very expensive Lapis Lazuli. Deep and warm.

Alizarin Crimson transparency and vibrancy, cold and clear, blueish undertones, utterly beautiful.


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