The Split Primary Palette


This split primary palette has each primary colour in a warm version and a cool version. This enables the user to mix very clean and vibrant secondary and tertiary colours and achieve great colour harmony in painting.

This palette is also the best way of mixing the most colours with least tubes of paint, really there are very few hues which can't be mixed from these colours.

A benefit of a limited palette is it enables easier colour harmony in your painting and over time will give a deep understanding of how colour works. 

The set offers significant savings over buying the tubes individually and it comes in our handprinted boxes. 

It consists of 7 tubes of 40ml paint as follows;

Arylide Lemon - Langridge

Cadmium Yellow - Michael Harding

Cadmium Red - Michael Harding

Madder Lake Deep - Wallace Seymour

Ultramarine Blue - Michael Harding

Phthalo Blue - Langridge

Titanium White - Wallace Seymour

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