Video Blue - 40ml

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Another leap into the 21st Century by master paintmaker David Coles. This is vibrating with light and the masstone...well using the Australian vernacular 'it's a beaut!'

The Langridge description;

"Hot electric blue filled with light. Built around the idea of computer generated colour, Video Blue can also be successfully utilised in landscape painting. Video Blue has been specifically formulated to be a mid-value warm blue. By the addition of additional blues its hue can be shifted to create a wide range of aquamarines and azures."

Below is video of this exact colour being milled at Langridge.

Technical Overview

Pigments - Zinc Oxide / Phthalocyanine / Cobalt Teal, PW4/PB15.3/PB28

Vehicle - Safflower Oil, Consistency - Stiff

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