Raw Sienna - 40ml


The classic earth paint, the genuine Italian pigment, beautifully milled with a high pigment loading. Essential.

Compare this with a generic Raw Sienna from the big manufacturers and the difference in quality will be startling.

Langridge's description;

"this is a beautiful, genuine Italian semi-transparent ochre. Like all good siennas, raw or burnt, its masstone tends to reddish while in undertone and tints an almost golden radiance shines through. A very slight gritty quality allows for exquisite undertones."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Natural Iron Oxide, PY43

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Soft Butter

Customer Reviews

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monique verhagen
tip top

nice colour , i love the landridge oilpaints very good quality .
the service is excellent of the supreme paint company . tip top

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