Nickel Azo Red Gold - 40ml


Summer in a tube!

This is Nickel Azo with the addition of Quinacridone, these are two of the most vibrant modern pigments and combined give a very rich in depth red, gold colour.

The masstone is an unassuming chocolate brown, the true beauty of this colour appears when it is brushed out to a thinner layer and then wonderful red golds start to appear like magic. You can just see them on the masstone drawdown image on the left.

As a tint (addition of titanium white) a low chroma yellow is the result which is functional but its real beauty lies in the semi-transparent layers of golden hues

It would be easy to sell only single pigment paints to somehow try to keep the purity of paint making, but when you have a master colourman like David Coles who is inspired to put these two pigments together to create an entirely new, clean and rich colour then it would foolish not to make it available.

This is not the combination of many pigments to approximate an existing single pigment colour, the technique used by big paint manufacturers, this is alchemy, using cutting edge pigments to create wonderful new colours which have a richness unavailable to the artist mixing on the palette. 

I sometimes wonder if the impressionists had had access to pigments like these what they would have created...

Technical Overview

Pigment - PV19/PY150

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