Neon Orange - 40ml

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Apart from saying this is a fantastically luminous, bright orange, I think it is best to use Langridges description for this colour as it describes it up perfectly;

"Specially formulated bright semi-opaque orange based on Pyrrole Orange and Diarylide Yellow. Neon Orange has been created to give artists a medium-high value orange that literally ‘pops’ off the surface and looks as though generated by light. A permanent, bright yellow-orange, this colour bridges the gap between our warm yellows and the deeper toned Cadmium and Pyrrole oranges."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Disazo/ Pyrrole, PY14/PO73

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Stiff

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Margaretann Bennett
Good bright orange

Not quite neon, but it's a good bright orange that you might only otherwise achieve by mixing expensive cadmiums.

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