Manganese Violet - 40ml


The science of chemistry has turned the dull, silver grey metal element of Manganese into this a jewel like, luminous purple.

In terms of tinting strength this is the opposite to Dioxazine Violet, it is a subtle mixer but stronger than Cobalt Violet. It has substantial opacity and also has more red in it than the Dioxazine and works particulalrly well with the warm Cadmiums. 

A wonderful colour for use in portraiture as it is quite adaptable sitting relatively well with cool and warm colours. Langridge suggest it can create excellent luminous shadows.

It is not the exact pigment used in this paint but a nice image of Manganese Violet is below.

Manganese Violet

Technical Overview

Pigment - Manganese Pyrophosphate, PV16

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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