Cobalt Teal - 40ml


Powerful, high chroma, paint.

A colour produced from the significantly diverse family of cobalt pigments. This is one of those colours which is just a pleasure to look at, and deepens and expands the longer you do so.

A high chroma turquoise like this would not be considered essential on the palette however it would be impossible to mix a turquoise with this level of depth and vibrancy.

It is the turquoise of the ocean and sat alongside some of Langridge's Video orange it seriously vibrates.

Langridges description;

"Cobalt Teal is a deliciously soft blue with a definite greenish cast. It has a melting warmth making it perfect for skies and oceans."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Cobalt Aluminate, PB28

Vehicle - Safflower Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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