Arylide Lemon - 40ml


Arylide is an excellent modern pigment, derived from a monoazo dye.

It was one of the pigments in the industrial paints used by Jackson Pollock and has that very modern quality. In the world of artist's oil paint this group of Arylide pigments are sometimes known as Hansa Yellows and they were first introduced as pigment in 1909.

It has a delicate green cast and when mixed with blues it gives super clean vibrant greens. The inherent green cast is not as strong as the one present in Titanate Yellow.

It is semi-transparent so perfect for glazing and has a classic buttery consistency. 

This is a version very rich in pigment with no fillers and that probably makes it unique.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY3 - Arylide 10G

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Transparent, buttery consistency.

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