Phthalo Blue and Zinc White - 40ml


Phthalocyanine Blue and Zinc White. Michael Harding;

"I devised this blend as a replacement for Manganese Blue, a compound introduced in the 1950’s but now no longer manufactured. This is far more intense than Manganese, with a vivid, almost luminous appearance, which recalls the rich Lapis skies of Veronese and other Venetian painters. The phenomenal tint power of the Phthalo component means that it can be hued much more, with little loss of brightness. A mixture of organic and inorganic pigments, it demonstrates just what can be attained with modern pigment strengths."

Technical Overview

Pigments PB15.3 & PW4.

Average Drying. Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness. Low Oil Content.

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