Burnt Umber - 40ml


Earth's are the body and soul of oil painting, and this is no exception.

Umber is a natural brown or reddish-brown earth that contains iron oxide and manganese oxide. 

In its natural form, it is called raw umber. When heated (calcinated), the colour becomes more intense, and the colour is known as burnt umber.

The name comes from terra di ombra, or earth of Umbria. Umbria being the area in Italy the best pigment is extracted from.

This is a version of Burnt Umber which has heavier and more greenish undertones than the red variant. This is the colour in its presentation of the last two centuries, invaluable for underpainting and showing a range of sandy pinks in hues.

Technical Overview

Pigment PBr 7.

Very Fast Drying. Transparent. Excellent Lightfastness. Average Oil Content.

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