Bleu de Prusse - 35ml


Prussian blue or Bleu de Prusse in French is a very deep, transparent blue.

The pigment was apparently discovered by accident in the early 1700's and it became the first ever synthetic pigment.

This version is just pigment and oil, with a heavy pigment load and clear Walnut oil, it pushes the transparency, richness and depth of this pigment to it's limit.

This creates a blue of staggering depth as witnessed by the swatch on the left.

In masstone the deepest blue, when tinted with white it produces, cool, green leaning blues, if you are planning on painting the sea you need a tube of this! It is a stronger tinter and provides a very wide range of tints.

Not buttery and paints 'long', like all Francois's paint it handles beautifully and really requires little if any medium.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB27

Vehicle - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Transparent

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